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Klasse SUS 304 Rahmen-modulare Reinraum-Anlage 1000

Klasse SUS 304 Rahmen-modulare Reinraum-Anlage 1000

    • Class 1000 SUS 304 Frame Modular Clean Room Facility
    • Class 1000 SUS 304 Frame Modular Clean Room Facility
    • Class 1000 SUS 304 Frame Modular Clean Room Facility
  • Class 1000 SUS 304 Frame Modular Clean Room Facility


    Herkunftsort: Guangdong, China
    Markenname: zhisheng
    Zertifizierung: CE, ISO9001
    Modellnummer: ZS-CB-C1000

    Zahlung und Versand AGB:

    Min Bestellmenge: 1 Satz
    Verpackung Informationen: Sperrholzkiste
    Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T, Western Union
    Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: Satz 10 pro Monat
    Ausführliche Produkt-Beschreibung
    Material: SS-Rahmen Material für Hauptteil: antistatisches Arcylic-Blatt
    Reinigungs-Grad: Klasse 1000 Tür: Manuelle Schiebetür
    Luftrückkehr: Von der Spitze Spitzendecke: Spiegeledelstahl 304

    Klassen-Reinraum-Anlage 1000


    SUS 304 Rahmen-Reinraum-Anlage


    Modularer Reinraum ISO9001

    Anti-static Hard Wall Modular Clean room,High standard class 1000 
    For South Korean   INNOX factory
    Modular clean room benefits:
    Fast clan installation with minumum on-site disruption
    Maintain value
    Easily modified for expansion or repurposing.
    Though clear division is not available, "Clean room" term is used in case of building or room. A space enclosed by PVC curtain or resin panel is considered as "Clean booth" in case of willingness to increase the cleanliness factor in a clean room or air-conditioned room. Size is 1.5m to 5m and clean air is introduced in the booth with a provision of FFU (Fan Filter Unit) in the ceiling.
    Have become popular in recent years, not on the basis of its size, but considering it as a simple, cheap, movable structure with cleanliness factor and not violating the construction code or Fire services act.
    Size and specification:

    ProductModular Clean Room
    Size According to customer's size 
    Outer frame

    40*80mm Extruded aluminum
    40*40mm Extruded aluminum 

    FFU QTY100sets
    Blower fan120W x6SETS
    Nosieabout 54dBA
    C viewLightproof anti-static PVC curtain
    Top ceiling FFU and mirrior SS304 plate 
    DoorManual sliding door

    Clean room is for the pharmaceutical, microbiological research and scientific experiments, which require partial purification equipment.
    With regards to the construction code or fire services act, there is a possibility of conflict with the standards of local authority or company of client. Also, the size that can be erected over a desk is termed as "Simple clean bench"
    Following considerations are necessary in case of selection of Clean booth.
    1. Calculation of cleanliness factor for inside of booth
    2. Selection of wall material
    3. Selection of ventilation system
    4. Selection of air-conditioning within the booth
    1. Calculation of cleanliness factor for inside of booth
    Generally, it is determined on the basis of clean room regulations. The parameters considered are rate of circulation, filter type, flow system and ventilation system.
    Reference table for rate of circulation

    Class of clean roomGeneral numerical valueUSA209E StandardsAverage air current speed
    Class 100,00020-30 rotations/h200.005-0.041m/s
    Class 10,00030~70 rotations /h700.051-0.76m/s
    Class 1,000100-200 rotations/h1500.127-0.202m/s
    Class 100200-600 rotations/h250-4000.203-0.408m/s

    Rate of circulation per hour (rotations /h) =Average air current speed (m/sec) x discharge area (m2) x 3600sec ÷room capacity (volume) (m3)

    ItemMedium or high performance filterHEPA filterULPA filter
    Filtering capacityClass 10-100000Class 100-10000Class 10
    ExamplesNormal officeAfter IC processPRE IC process
    PerformanceHigh trapping capacity as compares to coarse particle filterPossessing a trapping of capacity up to 99.97% for 0.3um size particlesProssessing a trapping of capacity up to 99.999% for 0.1um size particles

    The air flow capacity and units of FFU to be installed are selected on the basis of the volume of clean booth and the desired class.

    Required air flow (m3/min) =targeted room capacity (m3) ×rate of circulation (rotations /h) ÷60
    The FFU air flow for a clean booth with width 3m, length 2m, height 2m and desired class of 10000 is (3×2×2) ×75÷60=15(m3/min)

    *Single unit of PAU - A17FFU of our company is compatible.
    2. Selection of wall material
    Selection should be made on the basis of requirements related to ambient and internal space environment.
    1).Clean booth can offer the part of high clean environment ,can be installed on the top of the place
    that need to clean.The air that come out from the FFU will be filtered by the pre filter and HEPA filter ,then the
    clean air enter into the work zone vertically to insure the purification requirement
    2).the noise less than 52dBA,the air velocity is 0.35-0.6m/s
    3). the dimension of the clean booth ,customizes design is available
    4).it can be used by single and also can be connected to clean area in strip
    5). purification rank : 100 class,1000 class or 10000class

    ItemHard wall modular clean room
    CleanlinessClass 100 to Class 100,000
    Dimension (LXWXH)Designed as per customer’s requirements
    FFUDimension2x2, 2x4, 4x4 optional
    Structural frame materialStainless steel, aluminum alloy
    Power supply110V/60HZ/AC; 220V/60HZ/AC
    FilterMini pleat HEPA filter/ULPA filter optional
    Material of frameAluminum alloy / stainless steel 201/SUS 304
    Material of wallTempered glass/Acrylic/Anti-static transparent PVC/Sandwich panel
    CeilingAluminium-plastic panel/Tempered glass/Acrylic/Anti-static transparent PVC/Sandwich panel

    Optional Accessory:
    Air Shower
    Pass box
    Air conditioner
    Pressure gauge
    Photos of Class 1000 modular clean room:
    Klasse SUS 304 Rahmen-modulare Reinraum-Anlage 1000 0Klasse SUS 304 Rahmen-modulare Reinraum-Anlage 1000 1Klasse SUS 304 Rahmen-modulare Reinraum-Anlage 1000 2

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